Here are recommendations for a wonderful weekend away, at home in your new Salisbury Living community!


The workday is over. REJOICE! If you have little ones, the babysitter is on their way and you are almost out the door. If you don’t have children, you’ve started early at Maranello Cafe Salisbury where delicious pasta is just the start! Finish off your evening with the Chocolate Mud Cake served with Rocher Gelati and your Friday is complete. There's always Hoyts, a short stroll away to see the latest blockbuster with popcorn and a choc-top in hand. 


Start at the St. Kilda Adventure Playground. I mean, what a place! Mazes, flying fox, pirate ship; your children will love you forever. If playgrounds aren’t your thing, the St Kilda Mangrove Trail and Interpretive Centre should be!

Thirst and hunger will set it - quench it at The Watershed Café.On offer: tranquil settings, beautiful wine and a menu to suit the grazer or the famished! What is also interesting about the Watershed is that it is the gateway to the Greenfields Wetlands. Constructed in the late 90s, the Wetlands now support a diversity of wildlife and plants; simply stunning!


Have a lie in! If you are in your brand new home, its comforts will make it easy for you to do so. Stay local and enjoy the new walking and cycling paths that surround your new development, or venture afield and follow the Little Para River trail– 14kms of tranquillity and relaxation.

Take a small drive to Parafield Airport and embark on a new adventure minutes from home, learning to fly!

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